Yeah, that was a weird question. But, no worries, it's cool.

No, only that beer in your hand and that shot of whiskey in front of you will make you smell like you've been drinking. Seriously though, we use proprietary blend of oils in all of our products that give them the amazing scent that they have, and a little of that scent gets left behind. Instead of smelling like booze, you'll smell clean and like lavender, lime, orange or other fragrances

How long does a bar last in the shower?

Our bars last about 2.5 weeks with a shower everyday, on average. Sometimes longer if you take many showers . Keeping the bars in a well draining dish or rack and having them completely dry in between use is the key to having your bars last as long as possible.

Are you products edible?

Oh lord, no! I know they smell good enough to eat, but just no. Please don't. We use many food grade ingredients but ByKudrat does not make food: we make soap

What is the shelf life of your soap?

Technically endless. But after about 6 months to a year, the fragrance isn't as strong and no one likes a wimpy smelling soap

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